Roll It Up!

What you need:

Chart paper

Rubber band


Plastic objects

What to do:

1. Roll up the chart paper lengthwise and place the roll upright on a table.

2. Try to balance books on top of the roll. They topple over no matter how you position the paper. The roll unravels too.

3. Now, roll up the paper and secure it with a rubber band.

4. Try to balance books and other unbreakable items on top of the roll again.

What happens:

The paper tube can handle a lot more weight than you expected!

Paper is light and cannot keep its shape when a heavy object such as a book is placed over it.

However, when the roll of paper is secured with a rubber band, it takes the shape of a cylinder.

The cylinder is one of the most stable geometric shapes known to us. Cylinders are strong and can take a lot of weight because their shape allows them to distribute weight evenly throughout their body.

That is why you can balance a few books over a simple paper cylinder. Imagine what you could do with a metal one!

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