Scholarship for 16 girl students in border district

Reward for excelling in Kannada in school


Sixteen girl students from Athani in the border district of Belagavi, who have excelled in Kannada in school, have been awarded a one-time scholarship by ‘Keli Katheya’, a Kannada audiobook initiative.

Keli Katheya was started in 2014 to bring alive some Kannada short stories in an audio format though film artistes’ voices.

Profits generated from the sale of the audio book goes towards supporting the education of girls in the border areas of Karnataka.

This is the second tranche of scholarship out of its profits. In the first edition, nine girls were supported with a one-time scholarship that covered their fees.

“We have received much support from writers and creative artistes, especially from the field of cinema and music. Even the audience has supported our cause, which has enabled us to support these school girls,” said Mukund Setlur from the ‘Keli Katheya’ team.

The winners of the scholarships, who belong to Athani in the border district of Belagavi in Karnataka. 


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