Second wave impacted youth more: Minister

However, mortality continued to be highest amongst the elderly

In the second wave of COVID-19 in the State, disease transmission was highest among the younger and middle-aged population. However, the mortality continued to be the highest amongst the elderly, especially the 81-90 age group.

Younger population in the State in the 21-30 age group was more affected by COVID-19 in its second wave, Health Minister Veena George said in the Assembly here on Monday.

Though mortality continued to be higher amongst older persons, it is notable that 18% of individuals who died of COVID in April and May did not have any significant co-morbidities.

Citing official figures till May 31, she said that 2,61,232 persons in the 21-30 age group contracted the infection, while in the 31-40 age group, 2,52,935 positive cases were reported. In the 41-50 age group, 2,33,126 persons were affected by COVID.

The mortality was, however, the highest in the 81-90 years age group, with 17,105 persons contracting COVID, of whom 502 persons succumbed to the disease. The mortality rate among this age group was 2.93%.

The mortality rate among the 71-80 year age group is 1.94% and in the 91-100 years group, it was 1.55%.

Official figures indicate that mortality rate has not gone up amongst the younger population in the second wave of COVID. Mortality has been high mostly amongst the elderly and those with co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, heart and renal diseases, cancer and thyroid problem, Ms. George said.

During the second wave, in the months of April and May alone, 13,89,695 persons contracted the infection, while there were 4,020 deaths.


According to official data, as on May 31, 57 cases of Covid-associated Mucormycosis (CAM) were reported in the State, Ms. George informed the House. Of these, four persons were from Tamil Nadu.

Six cases of Mucormycosis unrelated to COVID has also been reported in the State, of which, two are from Tamil Nadu.

A State-level committee has been formed by including experts from various fields to conduct a detailed study on CAM, the Health Minister said. She added that steps have been taken to ensure the availability of the drugs needed to treat this fungal infection.

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