Seizure of gold coins in Karaikal reveals BJP’s use of money power: former CM

No action has been initiated against the culprits, complain Congress leaders

Former Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy on Sunday said the seizure of gold coins and money from supporters of a BJP candidate at Thirunallar constituency has revealed BJP’s plan to influence voters through their financial might.

Addressing a press conference along with Member of Parliament V. Vaithilingam and AICC secretary Sanjay Dutt, the former Chief Minister said though the gold coins and money meant for distribution to voters were seized, no action had been initiated against the culprits.

A resident of Thirunallar, P. Durai, had already written to the Election Commission of India, he said adding that “the BJP was daydreaming of coming to power using money power and official machinery.” No arrest had been made so far in connection with the seizure, he added.

Mr. Vaithilingam added that the election authorities in the Union Territory and the Income Tax Department have failed to prevent distribution of money though they have information about it. Several BJP leaders from Karnataka are camping in the Union Territory to influence voters, he added.

“It is painful that the authorities concerned have failed to initiate action. The Congress, DMK, CPI and VCK candidates have complete faith in the power of people as they would give a befitting reply to the use of money power,” he said.

Criticising AINRC chief N. Rangasamy for his remarks that a government in the Union Territory should have a good understanding with those in power at the Centre for getting works done, Mr. Narayanasamy said the understanding should not be at the cost of surrendering the rights of the Union Territory.

“The AINRC was in power when BJP came to power in the Centre in 2014. Both parties shared a good relationship till the Assembly poll in 2016. Mr. Rangasamy should explain to the people whether he was able to get Statehood and waive the legacy loans. AINRC chief is repeating the same issues even now,” Mr. Narayanasamy said .

AICC secretary Mr. Dutt said the Congress was getting “good response” from the public because the voters were aware of the obstructions created to the Congress government by the Centre using the previous Lt. Governor and then the toppling a democratically-elected government.

“By toppling an elected government, the mandate of the people was humiliated by the BJP. Now the people are also aware of blatant misuse of official machinery by the BJP to get votes,, including obtaining Aadhar details of the public to influence voters,” he added.

Despite the “obstructions” created by the Centre and previous Lt. Governor, the Congress government was able to "perform" and won several awards from Central Ministries, including NITI Aayog, Mr. Dutt said.

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