SITRA lab to come up on spinners association premises in Coimbatore

The facility will be opened on March 4

The South India Textile Research Association (SITRA) will set up a laboratory on the premises of the South India Spinners’ Association (SISPA) here to test cotton and yarn.

N. Murugesan, president of the Spinners’ Association, said its members were in need of testing facilities and had submitted a project to the Union Ministry of Textiles. The Ministry said SITRA could set up a facility to cater to the requirements of the members of SISPA. Accordingly, SITRA was setting up the testing facilities on the SISPA premises, and it would be inaugurated on March 4.

SISPA had allocated approximately 500 sq.ft. on its premises for the testing centre. The maintenance cost would be shared by both the organisations

This facility would benefit the SISPA members as not all of them could become SITRA members and use the facilities and services of the research organisation. SITRA and SISPA had entered into a five-year agreement for this programme. SITRA would install machinery and depute personnel to test cotton and yarn samples given by the SISPA members, numbering nearly 450.

SITRA would also extend its training and awareness programmes to SISPA members, Mr. Murugesan said. Since SITRA’s testing results was recognised in other countries too, this would help SISPA members.

According to an official of SITRA, it will offer the testing services at a special rate to the SISPA members. It will install some of the spare machinery it had and would purchase a couple of more equipment. In case of other tests, the samples would be taken to SITRA and tested at a concessional rate for SISPA members.

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