Your smartphone’s new best friend

Scientists have invented a smartphone case that acts like an airbag, deploying small spider-like legs that can absorb the impact when the device is dropped.

The protective shell appears no different from the normal phone cases. However, when the phone is in free fall shock-absorbers shoot out from the four corners to protect it from damage.

The case, built by Philip Frenzel from Aalen University in Germany, uses a set of eight thin metal curls that lie flat inside the case, The Telegraph reported.

The ADcase – “AD” stands for “active damping” – is fitted with sensors that can detect when a phone is in freefall, and deploy a set of retractable legs bound by metal springs in response.

The dampers can be folded back in manually after a fall.

Frenzel is planning to launch a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter this month.

According to the ADcase website, the initial product offering may be limited to recent iPhone models.PTI

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