Are social media challenges just media stunts?

Fitness challenges, farming challenges, etc. could encourage or force people to do the respective activity. These types of interventions do make people aware of the need to do the same. However, on the contrary, it may also create an aggressive attitude among the challengers, which will not be healthy at all. We should remember that good deeds should be done, but not for the intention of acquiring fame and fans.




I don’t think these social media challenges are media stunts. They can have a positive effect on people as they encourage people to do more physical exercise and maintain a good and healthy body.


Class 10, Excel Central School, Thiruvattar


I think the challenges create awareness among people. Normally, people feel inspired by seeing the challenges. When celebrities accept these challenges, their fans feel happy. Some take them as stunts but some take up these challenges and popularise their favourites. So, I think these social media challenges are good.

B. Sri Manvi,

Class 8, Aravinda high school, kunchanapalli

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