South Discom urges citizens to adopt safe kite flying practices

Don’t fly near electrical lines, transformers: TSSPDCL chief

The Southern Discom (TSSPDCL) has asked kite-flying enthusiasts and Sankranti revellers to follow safe practices while flying kites during the festive season to avoid accidents linked to power lines apart from fatal falls.

In a statement on Monday, chairman and managing director of Southern Discom G. Raghuma Reddy cautioned people against indulging in kite-flying near electrical lines, distribution transformers and other installations of power as it could not only disrupt power supply but also cause accidents.

Suggesting the kite flyers only to use thread/string made of cotton or nylon, Mr. Reddy advised against use of metallic thread or metal-reinforced string or metal coated thread (manja) as they act as good conductors of electricity and could cause electric shock when they touch or come close to electric lines.

Further, he asked them to indulge in the activity in dry weather as wet string would act as a better conductor of electricity. He suggested them not to touch the kites or strings when they fall on power lines or electrical installations or get caught up in electrical lines.

He also suggested people to avoid kite flying from balconies, roof tops and walls as it could lead to fatal falls. One can inform electricity office/department on 1912 or by visiting website in case any object, including kite or string, gets caught in electrical lines.

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