Sovon Chatterjee targets Mamata, says BJP will bring her downfall

Ex-TMC leader organises first major political event after joining BJP

Coming out of his phase of political inactivity and ending silence, BJP leader Sovon Chatterjee on Monday targeted Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and said the BJP, which helped in the early years of the formation of the Trinamool Congress, will bring her downfall.

Mr. Chatterjee was the Mayor of Kolkata for eight years and was a very close associate of Ms. Banerjee. He joined the BJP in August 2019.

The road rally in Kolkata on Monday organised in the southern parts of the city by Mr. Chatterjee and his close aide Baishaki Banerjee was his first major political event after joining the BJP.

The BJP leader in his public address also reflected on the reasons of his departure from the party, stating that he was left embarrassed in the Assembly after the Chief Minister had negated the figures provided by him relating to the Housing department, which he was in charge.

Mr. Chatterjee made veiled references to TMC leader and MP Abhishek Banerjee and blamed him for the differences between him and the party. “Before creating Sonar Bangla [Golden Bengal] you have created a Sonar Gopal [Golden Idol] and that is where all the all problem lies.”

Mr. Chatterjee has been appointed the observer of the BJP for the Kolkata Zone which has about 41 Assembly seats. Mr. Baishaki Banerjee, co-convener of the zone, also targeted the ruling party in a similar manner. Both the BJP leaders also criticised chairman of the Board of Administrators and Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim for an alleged remark made years ago where the Minister had described the minority-dominated areas of the city as “mini-Pakistan”.

The TMC leadership also came out with an all-out attack against Mr. Chatterjee questioning his political silence. Spokesperson Kunal Ghosh asked why he was not present at the BJP events earlier and alleged that he has to take permission of Mr. Baishakhi Banerjee before participating in any political event. TMC MP Saugata Roy said Mr. Chatterjee became insecure with the rise of Mr. Abhishek Banerjee and that was the only reason for him leaving the party.

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