Strengthening IT infra, says HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank has embarked on a ‘technology transformation agenda’ to provide safe and secure banking services to its customers, in a bid to avoid any technical glitches in digital banking and prevent any regulatory action,

In a letter to employees, MD Sashi Jagdishan on Monday said the bank had invested heavily in infrastructure to handle any potential load that might be encountered in the next three to five years.

“We are also in the process of accelerating our cloud strategy to be on the cutting edge, leveraging best-in-class cloud service providers,” he said.

He said the bank had strengthened its process of monitoring data centre (DC) and shifted key applications to the new DC.

He said the disaster recovery (DR) switch over for disaster recovery resiliency has been completed for key customer-facing applications, including automating DR switch-over for key applications. Enhanced monitoring capabilities have been put in place to manage data centre operations and resiliency processes, he said.

“We have strengthened our firewalls further,” he said. “We have to be scanning the horizon for potential security issues and be ever prepared to face them. We have not had any security issues in the past. But this is always an important area of focus and action plans are under way for further robustness,” he added.

Mr. Jagdishan assured the employees that their bonuses, promotions and increments were safe just like last year despite COVID-19 challenges.

“This year too, the bank will follow its normal practice in so far as compensation cycle is concerned,” he added.

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