Stringent lockdown from Monday in Chennai

The police have registered a total of 3,980 cases for violating the lockdown norms and seized 3,446 vehicles on Saturday. On Sunday, in many parts of the city the police pressed in patrol vehicles to control the crowd as they thronged the markets to make purchases throwing caution to the wind.

The complete lockdown has been enforced in the state from May 10 to 24. As many people were seen roaming around the city, the city police commissioner Shankar Jiwal made the restrictions stringent. From May 18 the city was divided into 348 sectors and to move from one police station limits to another, the public were supposed to carry a E-registration proof with them with a valid reason.

In Chennai there are 12 police districts and 13 check posts were set up in their borders. Similarly a total of 153 check points, at the borders of each police station’s jurisdiction, were set up. These points were barricades and those with valid reasons were allowed to leave with valid supporting documents and E-registration.

Meanwhile on Saturday, the traffic police registered 2,410 cases against those who were roaming around without any reason. A total of 907 vehicles were seized including 39 autorickshaws. The law and order police also registered 1,570 cases and seized 2,539 vehicles. A total of 3,243 cases were registered against people for not wearing masks and 348 for not following personal distancing. A total of 55 shops were closed for violating lockdown norms and a fine amount of Rs. 8.97 lakh was slapped on them.

"We have 320 patrol vehicles including the pink patrol used by All Women Police stations. They went around their jurisdiction warning people to maintain personal distance and wear masks," said Mr. Jiwal. In Tambaram, the police made announcements using the public address system and asked people to maintain personal distance and warned vegetable vendors not to fleece customers.

Strict lockdown from Monday, CoP suggests vegetables and provision in push carts

He said that from Monday, the sector wise lockdown measures will be re-enforced. A total of 20,000 police personnel and strength from the Tamil Nadu Special Police and special units of the city police will be deployed across the city to enforce the lockdown strictly. "We will be suggesting the Greater Chennai Corporation to roll out push carts, selling vegetables, provision, bread and eggs, in their respective zones. They can also start a help desk to find out the contact number of the person selling it in their locality. This will be of great help to the public," he added.

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