Symbol of Love gets Tax notice and warning First time

Taj Mahal Tax Property and water tax notices: The Municipal Corporation officials have issued notices to pay property tax and water dues to India’s most popular tourist destination Taj Mahal known as the ‘symbol of love’ in Agra. In a first of its kind instance, the Archaeological Survey of India has received a notice from the Agra Municipal Corporation demanding that it pay Rs 1.47 lakh in house tax on the Taj Mahal.

The notices stated that property tax of Rs 1.4 lakh and water tax of Rs 1.9 cr are due on Taj Mahal, which should be paid immediately. A deadline of 15 days has been given to pay these dues. 

Agra Municipal Corporation also asked ASI to clear outstanding dues within 15 days and warned that failure to do so will result in property being attached.

The reports are coming that Agra Municipal Corporation are investigating the matter as a private company was tasked with realizing tax on the basis of GIS survey.

Taj Mahal is a world heritage site and  the property of the central government.

As per ASI officials, Symbol of love -Taj Mahal had been declared a protected monument in  the year 1920 and that even during the British regime, no house or water tax had been levied on the monument.

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