T.N. Assembly polls | A map and navigators to guide voters in Sivakasi

To find one’s booth among 30 booths on one school premises is indeed a difficult task. However, three college students made it easier for voters in Sivakasi. NSS volunteers, M. Kaleeswaran, M. Kalimuthu and M. Marikannu, guided the voters to their booths with the help of a map with locations of different booths, at the Coronation Girl’s Higher Secondary School here.

The huge map on a flex board had all the booths inside the school marked. Upon getting the voter’s slip, the volunteers identified the booth concerned for each of the voters and showed them the way.

“With so many voters coming to this polling location, it is very difficult for them to find their booth,” said Inspector of Police, Sivakasi East police station, Muthukumar.

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