Take back land allotted to Hayagreeva company, JSP Corporator urges government

‘YSRCP leaders were involved in corrupt practices in the deal’

Jana Sena Party (JSP) Corporator Peethala Murthy Yadav has demanded that the State government immediately take back the 12.50 acres of land at Yendada, allotted to Hayagreeva Farms and Developers, as it had failed to utilise the land for the purpose for which it was given.

Addressing a media conference here on Sunday, he alleged that YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) leaders were involved in corrupt practices in the said land deal. He said that the land was allotted to the company, at a cost of ₹45 lakh an acre, 12 years ago for construction of houses for senior citizens and an orphanage. He demanded that YSR Congress General secretary and Rajya Sabha Member V. Vijaya Sai Reddy, who had stated in the past that he would not allow even a single cent of land to be grabbed in Visakhapatnam, break his silence in the case.

The Managing Partner in the company Ch. Jagadeeswarudu had entered into an MoU with two YSRCP leaders, and obtained financial assistance from them, and agreed to repay it along with interest in installments from the proceeds realised through the sale of plots in the proposed layout, Mr. Yadava alleged.

The JSP leader alleged that the YSRCP leaders gave Mr. Jagadeeswarudu a loan of ₹15 crore and were trying to grab the land as he had failed to repay the loan. While Mr. Jagadeeswarudu had alleged that the YSRCP leaders had cheated him, the latter had complained to the Three Town police that Mr. Jagadeeswarudu had cheated them.

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha Member Sujana Chowdary, whose name was also dragged into the controversy, has openly stated that he has no role in this land deal, but said that he would not remain silent, if injustice was done to Mr. Jagadeeswarudu.

The JSP leader said it was strange that the State government was silent on the issue, despite the raging controversy. The silence of the officials concerned also raises suspicion on the role of the ruling party leaders in the scam. He reiterated the demand for a probe into the issue.

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