Tamil actress: 23 years old producer demands s….l favours

A south actress recently revealed her story of being asked for a s….. favour to get a chance to act in a movie. While it’s the #MeToo hashtag that exposed the casting couch demon in Hollywood, it was the actress-abduction case in Mollywood that prompted many actresses from the south to come out in the open and talk about the harassment they face in the film industry.  Number of actress from Indian film Industry have come forward  and revealed their harassment stories. South actress Charmila recently opened up about casting couch and s…. harassment experiences she faced in the South Indian industry.

During an interaction with a portal, Charmila revealed that during the shooting of a Malayalam film in Calicut where she was playing the mother of the heroine, the producers, who were as young as 24 years, approached her assistant and offered Rs 50K for s….l favors. They had also demanded the 48-year-old actress Charmila to choose one of them have s….x with her. Charmila rejected the offer and immediately returned to Chennai.

Charmila urged all the  females especially the single mothers not to fall for such type of men.  The actress added that if  ladies let these perverts in to their lives they will exploit them s….. and then after their lust is satisfied they will disappear.

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