Tamil Nadu police arrest three medical shop owners from AP

In a joint raid conducted by Tamil Nadu Police, AP Police and Drug Control Administration it was found they were selling drugs without prescription at high rates

The Tamil Nadu police has taken three medical shop owners from Vijayawada into custody for allegedly selling some drugs without prescription at high rates.

A team of Tamil Nadu police, along with the Drug Control Administration (DCA) officials and State Police raided a few medical shops in Vijayawada on Monday. They seized the stock registers, bills and some vital documents.

The raids were conducted based on tip off from Tamil Nadu Police that some youth addicted to prescription drugs were buying it from Andhra Pradesh.

It was alleged that some drug store owners of Andhra Pradesh sold the medicines, which have sedative symptoms, in bulk quantity.

According to the pharmacology, the drugs were used as pain killers but patients will feel drowsy.

The raids were carried out on the medical shops, located at Suryaraopeta, in Vijayawada.

“We verified the medical shops and their godowns and found that the stores were licensed. Some drug stocks and documents have been seized. A case under Drugs and Cosmetics Act has been registered,” said a DCA official.

“Both the police and the DCA Department officials are investigating into the alleged sale, illegal hoarding and sale of drugs at high rates and other allegations,” the officer told The Hindu on Tuesday.

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