Tangedco issues warning ahead of monsoon

Tangedco on Friday issued a warning to the public to exercise caution while dealing with electrical appliances ahead of southwest monsoon to prevent electrocution or any other electrical accidents.

In a release, Tangedco’s Chief Engineer – Distribution E. David Jebasingh said that the public must move away from a fallen electric power line and anything in contact with the line. Any electrical appliances immersed in water must be discarded and it was advised to carry out repairs of electrical appliances only by professionals.

During thunder and lightning, appliances such as televisions, computers, mixers and grinders must be avoided and the public must take shelter at buildings or vehicles like cars and buses. If an electrical line comes in contact with a car, those inside the vehicle must warn others using car horns to not touch the car, the release said.

The public must inform the Tangedco officials regarding any snapped conductors and must not touch those. In case of electrical fires, water should never be used to extinguish it and sand or blanket could be used instead.

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