Telangana Secretariat: Installation of National Emblem on New Secretariat Building

 The  new Secretariat complex of Telangana is likely to be inaugurated on January 18, 2023.  Telangana CM KCR has fixed the date for inauguration of the new building after consultation with his advisors, cabinet colleagues and some key leaders of the BRS. KCR, as the chief minister is popularly known, will inaugurate the complex named after Dr BR  Ambedkar. The same day CM will start working from his office on the sixth floor.   KCR has already inspected the construction work of the new secretariat many times and has given many suggestions to the engineers. KCR government  is building a new secretariat with new features and new design. CM KCR is likely to start this secretariat soon.

National symbols are being installed on this new secretariat building.  Recently,  the national symbol was installed on the front porch of new Secretariat Building. With the help of heavy cranes, the national emblem was taken and enshrined on the threshold. It was made in Delhi from 5 tons of bronze metal. Photos related to this have already gone viral on social media. This national symbol is 18 feet tall, the building and dome together are 258 feet. It seems that there is a chance to install another national symbol tomorrow on the back porch of the building.

National symbols will be installed on front and back domes. Currently, works are going on inside the building.

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