Thalapathy Vijay – Sangeetha divorce?

Tamil star Vijay and Sangeetha are one of the celebrated couples of Kollywood.  Ever since  the actor’  wife Sangeetha skipped the audio launch of the upcoming most awaited movie Varisu, it is being speculated that they are facing some issues in their marital life. Though nothing is official but the reports after reports are arriving online to add more fuel to the fire. Thalapathy Vijay was not accompanied by his wife Sangeetha when he attended the baby shower of Atlee’s wife Priya Atlee. So, this added more fuel to the reports.

 Tamil star Vijay married his girlfriend Sangeeta Sornalingam on 25th August 1999. They have a son named Jason Sanjay and a daughter named Divya Sasha. Jason wants to direct a film with his father whereas Divya appeared as his daughter in Vijay’s film Theri. 

Now according to the latest buzz, Sangeetha divorced Vijay. Sangeetha is separated from  Their star and lives with her parents in London. That is why Vijay came alone to director Atlee’s wife Priya’s baby shower.

It is also being said that the main reason for her  absence is that their son and daughter are abroad and Sangeetha is  also there with them and could not attend audio launch event of Varisu.

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