‘There is much to do’: PM Modi replies to Twitter users, thanks Lata Mangeshkar for New Year wishes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday took to Twitter and replied to a few Twitter users who wished him a happy new year or tweeted about some achievements. Early in the day, singer Lata Mangeshkar wished PM Modi and offered her regards for PM Modi’s mother. Thanking ‘Lata didi’ for her wishes, PM Modi wrote, “Your best wishes inspire me to work for the country with new energy.”

After that, PM Modi replied to a few tweets on the micro-blogging platform. Replying to one user by the name Dev GC Pal who tweeted about Covid-19 in 2021, PM Modi wrote, “Thanks to a people-powered approach, the fight against COVID-19 has been extremely spirited. Yet, we have to take all precautions in the foreseeable future.”

Replying to another tweet, PM Modi wrote, “May the coming year bring satisfying outcomes for everyone.”

As one user commented on the first day of the year beginning with PM Modi’s speech on his dream project (Light House Projects), the Prime Minister wrote, “Every project is a dream project. There is much to do, much to work on so that we can bring a positive difference in the lives of the poor and downtrodden.”

“I am sure India will continue its strides towards good governance, benefitting people across the length and breadth of our nation,” he wrote to another Twitter user.

One Twitter user posted a screenshot showing the distance he has covered running. PM Modi congratulated him and encouraged him to keep the focus on fitness in the new year.

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