There is nip in the air in Munnar but…

…temperature yet to fall below 0°C to the liking of tourists

Munnar is witnessing a delayed winter with the temperature starting to dip after more than a week compared to the normal of below zero degree Celsius experienced in the first week of January.

The change in the seasonal cycle is most evident in Munnar as the four seasons are clearly distinguishable there.

According to tourism stakeholders, tourists who came to Munnar expecting the normal cyclical change in season were upset at missing the sub-zero temperature and frost. However, hoteliers are expecting sub-zero temperature in a week’s time.

An official of a hotel group in Munnar said as the monsoon was delayed it was normal that winter too was delayed. “Usually, the temperature starts to fall by December and may hit a low in the first week of January,” he said.

The lowest temperature recorded on Friday at Chenduvarai was 4°C, Nallathanny 5°C, and Sevenmalai 5°C. No incidence of frost had been reported from Munnar so far.

The temperature in Munnar had dipped to -3°C on January 6, 2019 at Chenduvarai, Chittuvarai, and Lakkad.

However, in 2018, frost was reported at the end of January and Chenduvarai, Lakshmi, and Nallathanni experienced -2°C on December 28, 2017.

“Usually the temperature drops to below zero degree Celsius during the first week of January. However, Munnar is experiencing moderate temperature of around 10°C from the beginning of January,” said an official of the Munnar Hotels and Restaurants Association.

He said the clear sky was providing a panoramic view, making the season attractive to tourists.

Subject of study

Jijo Jayaraj, who had studied environmental changes in Munnar as part of a research project, said there was a notable difference in day and night temperatures in Munnar. This change was more evident now.

“However, a change in the cyclical season was experienced in the past too as the lowest temperature was experienced during the end of the calender year than the beginning of it,” he added.

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