‘Today’s startups can become tomorrow’s MNCs’: PM Modi lays foundation of new IIM-Sambalpur campus

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday lauded the role of innovation, integrity, and inclusion in the field of management, terming them as key mantras as he laid the foundation stone of the new campus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Odisha’s Sambalpur.

In his virtual address, PM Modi also asked students to focus on ‘Brand India’ in addition to ensuring that their vision incorporates the less privileged sections of society.

Here are the key highlights from PM Modi’s address:

– Today, along with the foundation stone of an IIM campus, a new stone has been laid to strengthen the youth capacity of Odisha. This permanent campus of IIM will give Odisha a new identity in the management world with recognition of Odisha’s great culture and resources.

– Today’s startups can become tomorrow’s multi-nationals. These start-ups are mostly starting in Tier-II and Tier-III cities in the country.

– The youth of India needs to be prepared for the massive opportunities that lie ahead in India. In this new decade, we’re responsible to give a new image to brand India globally.

– Management experts, who are coming out with new experiences in new areas of the country, will play a big role in taking India to new heights. This year India has given more unicorns than previous years despite the Covid-19 crisis.

– To turn local into global, IIM students need to find new and innovative solutions. I’m certain that our IIMs can act as a bridge between local products and global collaborations.

– The work pattern and demand for management skills are changing rapidly. Today, top-down and top-heavy management isn’t the need. It has changed to collaborative, innovative and transformative management.

– During Covid, India found permanent solutions for PPE kits, masks and ventilators. India had perpetually adopted short-term measures for problem-solving. Today, India has changed its approach to long-term solutions.

– Today, India’s gas coverage stands at over 98%, helped by our long-term solution approach. You know that turning coverage into 100% is the real challenge and we’re striving hard for it.

– We’re trying to remove silos that existed in professional education. We want to include everyone in the mainstream for better development, a clear example of inclusive nature.

– With the concept of work from anywhere, the whole world has changed from a global village to a global workplace. India too has swiftly done all the necessary reforms in the last few months.

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