Trace offenders in hit-and-run cases: rights panel

Police, MVD asked to jointly implement a system

The State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has directed the Police Department and the Motor Vehicle Department to jointly implement a system to efficiently trace vehicles which are involved in hit-and-run cases. State Human Rights Commission chairperson Antony Dominic issued the order based on a complaint submitted by former Chief Secretary C.P. Nair, who passed away recently.

In a press release, the commission said that there should be such a system to trace vehicles involved in hit-and-run cases, at a time when technology has advanced so much. The person responsible for the accident should take the injured person to the hospital and ensure proper treatment. Those who escape from the spot without doing this are breaking the law and violating human rights.

Govt. response

The Home Secretary and the State Police Chief informed the SHRC that the police usually send out wireless messages to all stations in the district to trace the vehicle as soon as a hit-and-run case is reported. In case the vehicle is suspected to have crossed to the nearby districts, messages are relayed to these areas too. Investigation is taken up to trace the vehicle using CCTV visuals from shops and houses, as well as through mobile phone signals. The services of forensic experts are also used to decipher clues from the spot, says the report.

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