Two more held in instant loan apps case

Chinese national and his Indian associate had operated over 30 instant loan apps

Continuing their probe into the alleged financial irregularities by instant loan app companies, the Rachakonda police on Wednesday announced the arrest of one more Chinese national and his Indian associate.

The accused, HE. Jian (26 ) alias Mark from Jiangxi in China, along with his Indian associates, operated over 30 instant loan mobile apps, through which money was disbursed. They further tied up with Jia Liang Infotech Private Limited, Pune for recovery of the loan amounts. With this, the number of Chinese nationals arrested by the Telangana police have increased to four.

On December 27, the police arrested Liang Tian Tian, a Chinese national, her husband Parshuram Lahu Takwe and Aquib Shaik. Based on their confession, the police arrested HE. Jian and Vivek Kumar (26), accountant with Ajaya Solutions Private Limited, the firm which was represented by the former.

Commissioner of Police Mahesh M. Bhagwat said that HE. Jian came to India in July 2019 on a business Visa and joined as a representative on behalf of Chinese nationals Xu Nan, Xu Xinchang and Zhao Qiao, who are the directors of four microfinance loan apps companies. They also appointed Ankur Singh as one the directors.

“In the initial stage they ran call centres at Thane to recover the loan amounts from the borrowers and after that they tied up with Jia Liang ,” he said.

If any borrower does not respond or repay the amount, the firms instruct Jia Liang to start abusing the borrowers and threaten them to repay the due amounts. “As per their instructions, the call centre staff were making calls to the borrowers and their relatives, friends and insisting them to repay the loan amounts with abnormal interest added by the companies,” the officer said.

So far the police froze ₹ 30 crore in the various bank accounts of the companies in question and more accounts were being verified.

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