Ukraine: Broken Buildings, Destroyed Tanks

The Russian army believes it is close to victory in Mariupol.

About 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers and irregulars, based in the Azovstal plant in the southern port city, have declared their intention to fight on, but the Russian army has offered them an amnesty if they leave the plant without their weapons.

The Ukrainians would be sceptical that the Russians will let them go unharmed, considering what has happened in towns like Bucha where the Ukrainian government says it discovered hundreds of civilians murdered in cold blood after the Russian soldiers left.

Victory in Mariupol would mean a significant achievement for Vladimir Putin’s invasion since it would bring one more area in eastern Ukraine under its control.


Please click on the images for glimpses of the situation in Mariupol.

IMAGE: Pro-Russian tanks seen near Mariupol.


IMAGE: Pro-Russian troops steer their tanks along a road near Mariupol.


IMAGE: Pro-Russian troops gather in a street in Mariupol. All photographs: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters


IMAGE: Pro-Russian troops help civilians get onto an armoured vehicle and leave the city to escape the fighting.


IMAGE: A residential building destroyed in the fighting in Mariupol.


IMAGE: Residents take their belongings from their homes in a building destroyed in the battle for Mariupol.


IMAGE: A resident reacts while standing what is left of a building in Mariupol.


IMAGE: A damaged street in Mariupol.


IMAGE: A destroyed tank in Mariupol.


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