Vijayanand Movie Review & Rating!

Nihal (Hero)
Siri Prahlad (Heroine)
Ananth Nag, Ravichandran, Bharat Bopanna, Anish Kuruvilla, Prakash Belawadi and others.. (Cast)
Rishika Sharma (Director)
Anand Sankeshwar (Producer)
Gopi Sundar (Music)
Kirtan Pujari (Cinematography)

Everyone thinks that a biopic is a movie based on the events of a great person’s life. It’s true.. But isn’t he a great man.. If you make a movie by chanting to him, it will be difficult to please the audience. The result will make a difference. There are many examples of this. So.. the struggles and hurdles faced by that great man in his life.. the journey of how he overcame them and achieved success should be shown. Only then will justice be done to the biopic of that great man. Recently the movie ‘Vijayanand’ was released.

This is also a biopic! This movie is based on the life of Vijay Sankeshwar who founded ‘VRL Travels’ in Karnataka. Along with him, his son Anand Sankeshwar’s name was also incorporated and a company named ‘Vijayanand Road Lines’ was established. That’s why the title of this movie is ‘Vijayanand’. Well, let’s see how the movie is:

Story : Vijay Sankeshwar (Hero Nihal) works in a printing press run by his father (Ananth Nag). All his thoughts are high. He advises his father that if he puts a new mission in that press, he can get more profits. It will be successful. Profit will increase by 15 times. But after marriage, Vijay Sankeshwar came out of that press and thought that he should buy a lorry and start a business.

This will create a negative atmosphere in his house and there will be many employers who will trouble him in the market. But he overcomes those negative circumstances and stands in business. Later that journey goes up to 5 thousand trucks. Within 45 years he became number 1 businessman in Karnataka. Later he becomes M.P. Also a magazine has to be established. Many people try to pull him down in his journey. How he stood by his son in this process is the rest of the story.

Actors Performance: Nihal’s performance as Vijay Sankeshwar is impressive. He put on 22 kgs for this role which shows his dedication. After him, KGF actor Ananth Nag played the role of the father who deserves a special mention. Everyone connects to this character. He sheds tears in the climax.

Prakash Belawadi’s acting as the magazine owner can be said to be a highlight. Siri Prahlad also acted well in the role of Vijay Sankeshwar’s wife Lalitha. Bharat is properly suited as Vijay Sankeshwar’s son Anand Sankeshwar. It can be said that his looks are a special attraction. He also acted well..! The rest of the actors acted according to the scope of their roles.

Technical Performance : The film is directed by female director Rishika Sharma. She made sure that this story has the inspiration, motivation, emotion required for a biopic. If not, the story felt slow. She should have focused more on this matter. The run time is 2 hours 39 minutes and no need to put it. There are many scenes that are not important in the movie.

Especially in the climax..! But till the first half she feels fine. Music director Gopi Sundar has given a good output to this movie. He has provided good background music for the movie. Also, the song ‘Agi Dhu Na Kannule’ is very uplifting when you listen to it. The way the song is picturized is also good. The dialogues in the movie are also very inspiring. Dialogue writer Raghu Niduvalli has written good dialogues. The construction values are very good.

Analysis: People who are interested in a biopic and can tolerate a slow pace can try ‘Vijayanand’. This movie will not disappoint the weekend lovers who go to the movie without any expectations.

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