Villagers demand restoration of power supply

A tribal village near Rasipuram has been affected without power reportedly close to a month and demanded action at the earliest.

Kedamalai, is a tribal village near Rasipuram and about 80 families reside here. Since there are no proper road facilities, the villagers have to trek about seven km. through a hilly terrain. Agriculture is the major occupation and the villagers used to trek down from the village to sell their produce. The village received power supply only about five years ago.

However, recently, the transformer at the hill village burst and the power supply to the village was affected for about a month. The villagers mostly restrict themselves to the village since lockdown and due to poor mobile network connectivity they could not contact officials as well.

However, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board officials denied that the power supply was affected for about a month and the issue must have been there for less than 10 days. Senior officials said that they came to know about the issue only recently and measures have been taken to check possibilities of repairing the transformer. Officials said that they have also arranged an alternative transformer. However, they said that they would require assistance of the villagers for carrying the transformer through the hilly terrain.

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