Villupuram starvation death: CCTV footage shows two men carrying boy's body

The bfive-year-old child was found abandoned in a push card had died of hunger.

With the police yet to make any headway in the death of a five-year-old boy whose body was found abandoned on a push cart on the Villupuram-Chennai national highway on December 15, the Villupuram district police on Thursday circulated the CCTV footage of two persons carrying the body of the child.

In the CCTV footage, one of the men is see carrying the body of the child on his shoulders covered by a blanket. They are found carrying the body from the bus stand in Villupuram at midnight and abandoning the body on the push cart. They later walked back to the bus stand.

According to a senior police official, "The child’s identity has not been established. The two persons seen in the footage could either be outsiders or migrant labourers. The child was wearing the dress of an Anganwadi center and according to preliminary investigations, the boy could be from the State."

"We suspect that the two persons seen in the footage could be his relatives. The duo could have abandoned the body on the push cart fearing questioning by the police and doctors at hospitals. We are probing from various angles," the officer added.

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