VIT-AP inks pact with U.S.-based research lab

It will help students to work on real life projects using latest technologies

“FinTech is changing business and financial models like never before. We are trying to address the growing demand for qualified FinTech professionals through our BBA programme with specialisation in FinTech,” said the Vice-Chancellor of VIT- AP University S.V. Kota Reddy, on Wednesday.

He was speaking after the VIT-AP School of Business (VSB), signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ALPHABETA and TOPXIGHT research labs. “ALPHABETA is a U.S.-based company that offers products and services to banks and financial services organisations,” he said.

He said the university combined classroom lessons and hands-on training, making students to work on real life projects using latest technologies with ALPHABETA as platform. After completing the two courses “FinTech Practice 1 and 2”, the students would be given certificates.

The programme would enable them to carry out research on contemporary issues, develop new business/finance models and create patents. Students pursuing a BBA in FinTech could think of careers in banks and financial services as Blockchain expert, Blockchain app developer, Financial Analyst and Data Scientist.

Dean, VIT-AP School of Business S. Jeyavelu said the university was tying up with partners in each specialisation to provide the students real life training and industry-approved certification, which in turn would enhance their job opportunities. “We also have tie-ups with the University of Michigan, Dearborn and Arizona State University, as part of which students can study for two years in India and the remaining two years in the U.S., and get a degree from our partner universities in the U.S.,” he said.

Co-founder and CTO, ALPHABETA INC Siva Visveswaran, said growth of the FinTech sector would be driven by innovation using new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, 5G and Big Data Analytics.

Managing director and COO, ALPHABETA INC P. Satyanarayana also spoke. University Registrar CLV Sivakumr, faculty and staff were present.

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