What is the heroine saying about Love and marriage with a cricketer..

Bollywood beauty Atiya Shetty, daughter of popular senior actor Sunil Shetty‘s sweetheart, is rumored to be getting married to cricketer KL Rahul soon. Not only that.. News is coming that they two have bought a brand new home in Mumbai to stay together after marriage. Atiya Shetty has recently responded to the news of her marriage to Rahul.

Atiya, who was recently spotted with a channel, was asked about dating and marriage rumors with Rahul. She smiled when she heard this. After that she said.. ‘I cannot comment on this. Tired of hearing these rumors. I can do nothing but laugh at this news. Let the masses think as they see fit. They think they like it. ‘

She also reacted to the news that she is shifting to a new home with Rahul. ‘The thing about me moving into a new home is real but not with anyone. With my family. Soon my mom, dad and I were going to move to a new house in Bandra, Mumbai with my brother. KL Rahul and Atiyaal have been dating secretly for the last three years.

Their relationship was made official this year. On the occasion of KL’s birthday, Atiya posted, “Anywhere with you.. Happy Birthday”. Soon after, news broke that the couple was going to be reunited.

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