Whirlwind wreaks havoc in Puthur

Houses damaged, trees uprooted, crops destroyed and power supply disrupted

Widespread damage occurred in a whirlwind that wreaked havoc at Puthur area, near Ollur, in Thrissur district in the wee hours on Wednesday.

Around ten houses were damaged and many trees were uprooted. Electric lines snapped and power supply was disrupted. No casualties have been reported.

Whirlwind was reported at Vettukad, Thampuratti Moola and Maangeri near Puthur Zoological Park around 4.45 a.m. on Wednesday.

Seven houses were damaged in Maangeri alone. Many teak and rubber trees were uprooted. As the uprooted trees fell over the power lines, supply was disrupted. The traffic also was blocked.

The traffic resumed after the Fire and Rescue Services removed the trees from the road.

Around 3,000 nendran plantain trees, in the leased land near Syrian Church Maanchery, were destroyed in the whirlwind.

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