The wholesome benefits of participating in Olympiads and competitions

Students who participate in Olympiads develop tremendous competitive spirit. Students gain additional knowledge, such as learning to write in an OMR sheet and also the techniques to answer these exams with confidence. These students develop into clever problem-solvers. They help students sharpen their minds and skills. Students are able to understand their school curriculum easily as they prepare for the Olympiad. These exams divide the subject deeper for better understanding of the concepts. Thus, the students’ analytical thinking level increases and it paves a good career path for them.

The Olympiad exams not only test the basic subjects taught in school, they also enhance the analytical thinking ability in a child. It also develops the thinking capacity, problem solving skills, confidence and the overall development of a child in a very young age.

Moreover, students who appear for Olympiads regularly will not have fear of exams. These children would be able to face any question paper with confidence. Olympiads help students to get accustomed to the exams like JEE, NEET and other competitive exams as they know how to use the OMR sheets. Students will also have the pleasure and satisfaction of representing the state/ country at the National and International level. It also teaches the students how to lose and win. Students learn that “it takes more effort to become a winner ".

M S Saravanan,

Head of Schools, Shrishti Vidyashram Sr. Sec. School, Vellore

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