Why Kashmir Loves Purple

Conjoined twins Riddhi and Siddhi get a new lease of life.

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Who hugged Modi?

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When A River Swallows 400 Cars
Location: Noida

And several houses.

This is what happened when the Hindon river overflowed in the Echotech area.


Love knows no borders
Location: Hazaribag

That why Barbara Polak, 49, a Polish citizen and a mother of a 6-year-old daughter, reached Harazibagh.

The love of her life, 35-year-old Shadab Malik, belongs to Khutra village in Hazaribag, Jharkhand.

The duo’s online romance started on Instagram.


Who Poonam Likes Most In Parliament
Location: New Delhi

Look who caught Lok Sabha MP Poonam Mahajan’s attention in Parliament.

Poonam could not stop showing her affection and the photographers could not stop clicking.


A New Life For Conjoined Twins Riddhi, Siddhi
Location: New Delhi

They were joined at their stomach. And their chest.

Their parents, who live in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, didn’t know what life held for their little girls, Riddhi and Siddhi.

But, after a successful separation surgery by the accomplished doctors at AIIMS Delhi, the twins have a new lease of life.


Modi is known for his hugs
Location: New Delhi

But what happens when he is hugged by a cutie in red?


Kashmir’s Love For Purple
Location: Pulwama

Not the bright vibrant version but the more subtle lavender.

Hundreds of farmers in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district are now cultivating lavender because the crop is more profitable.


Why Is The Tejas In Kashmir?
Location: Jammu and Kashmir

The Indian Air Force has moved its indigenous Light Combat Aircraft, Tejas, to Jammu and Kashmir.

The IAF’s goal is to give the indigenous fighter experience in flying in the valleys of the union territory, especially along the Pakistan border.


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