Winters increase risk of brain stroke; know how to prevent yourself

A stroke occurs when  the blood flow to the brain is disrupted either through a blocked whistle in brain (ischemic stroke) or a burst of the vessel in brain which is called a (hemorrhagic stroke). Once a patient has suffered a stroke, it is also likely that they might have recurrent strokes.

Why brain stroke happens in winter season? – The incidence of ischemic stroke is increased in winter, especially when the temperature drops sharply in a cold period. In cold weather the  blood vessels constrict, thereby increasing the risk of  brain stroke.

Thus, it is important to take  the necessary precautions to counter stroke incidences.

 The  different ways to Control the risk of  brain Stroke in Winter:

·         To regularly monitor the  blood pressure during changing weather.

·         Avoid sudden exposure to  the harsh cold weather.

·         Maintain recommended levels of regular physical activity.

·         Avoid sudden changes in diet.

·         Avoid the  stress.

·         Avoid unhealthy eating and drinking too much.

·         Avoid tobacco in all forms whether oral tobacco, cigarette, or bidi.

·         Cut down on salt intake on the recommendation of your doctor to 5g per day or one teaspoon per day helps in stroke prevention.

Can cold damage the brain?

Hypothermia, most serious of cold weather complications can lead to brain damage and then death.

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