Work on new bridge at Puthiyapalam likely to begin soon

The 40-year-old dream of people of Puthiyapalam for a new bridge that would offer better connectivity to Mankavu will soon be a reality as the process to begin the work on the bridge has already begun. Many of the buildings at Puthiyapalam on both sides of the bridge have been demolished or are in various stages of demolition.

Palayam councillor P.K. Nassar said that the work on the bridge was likely to begin in less than six months. It has been four decades since the public raised the demand to replace the narrow bridge across Conolly Canal with a broader one to facilitate four-wheeler traffic through it. The present bridge can accommodate only two-wheeler vehicles. The mini bypass road is only seconds away from the bridge on its eastern side. But four-wheeler users are forced to take a longer and roundabout route to reach there due to the narrowness of the bridge.

However, the project got delayed due to various factors, including resistance from building owners in the vicinity. The presence of two mosques there added to the trouble. Finally, when the Public Works Department had its route clear to go ahead with the project, it was transferred to the Road Fund Board, which is in charge of bridge construction across the State.

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