Work on reconstructing culverts moves at a snail’s pace

Residents are forced to take detours along badly laid roads to reach their destinations

The Tiruchi Corporation has been reconstructing culverts on Thillai Nagar main road for smooth flow of drainage. The work, which began nearly seven months ago at some sites is yet to be completed, inconveniencing road users, residents complain.

The civic body undertook the work to ensure free flow of sewage and also ensuring space for rainwater to seep in. The work, at a cost of ₹99 lakh, is under way at14 places on Thillai Nagar Main Road and Thillai Nagar East Extension as part of the Area Based Development. It involves cleaning out the drainage, removing obstructions including encroachments to ensure streamlining the flow and constructing a culvert for free flow of traffic over it.

However, residents of Thillai Nagar and those who travel to the area for other needs complain that the work was being undertaken at a snail’s pace.

While the project began at Thillai Nagar First Cross months ago, authorities were yet to complete even 50% of the work, residents complained. A large pit filled with drainage water stands in between two hospitals and a few restaurants.

A tea shop vendor said that the stench was unbearable. “After 5 pm, we cannot stand here. Mosquitoes wreak havoc but we brave through it as we need to earn a daily living,” she said. Insects breeding in the filthy water would also pose a health risk to patients in the hospital and residents, she added. The civic body has parked an earthmover near the pit for over 15 days, with no workers in sight, she added.

A similar situation persists across most of the streets which have been dug up for the work in the locality. Residents are forced to take long detours along badly laid roads to reach their destinations. “I work on Ninth Cross Street, but am forced to take a detour to reach my office daily. The civic body must pay more heed to repair the roads before taking up such projects,” K. Uma, said.

Meanwhile, M. Muthu, a senior citizen was of the opinion that a haphazard job has been done with the culverts. “It is a large steep slope which is difficult to climb on foot or on two-wheelers. The convenience of the users has not been kept in mind while constructing it,” he added.

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