Writer Padmabhushan Collections: $ 300K+ Gross, getting BIGGER with each passing day

Writer Padmabhushan Box office collections: Writer Padmabhushan  starring Suhas in the lead role whereas  Praveen Kataria, Rohini Molleti, Ashish Vidyarthi,  and Gundu Sudarshan among others in pivotal roles.  This time the young actor is impressing with Writer Padmabhushan.

According to the latest report, the movie Writer Padmabhushan has crossed $300K Gross  at  the USA box office. The makers confirmed the same by releasing a new poster on Twitter. The industry tracker Ramesh Bala tweeted: #WriterPadmabhushan is getting BIGGER with each passing day $ 300K+ Gross & counting at the US Box Office.

Writer Padmabhushan   charts the journey of a middleclass guy named Padmabhushan, who works as a librarian and he wants to become a writer.  So he decides to borrows Rs 3 Lakh from the money lenders to publish his book. But later he struggles to pay the money back to money lender due to no reception for his book. Later another book on under his name gets released and becomes successful. Padmabhushan   takes the credit for the other one and starts to enjoy the fame. Soon his family life becomes entangled in all this confusion.

Writer Padmabhushan   is presented by G Manoharan and jointly funded by Sharat Chandra, Anurag Reddy, and the  Chandru Manoharan under their  banner of Chai Bisket Productions and Lahari Films.

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