Youth goes missing at RK Beach, girl rescued

A 19-year-old youth reportedly went missing at RK Beach on Thursday. A female friend who had also ventured into the water along with him, was rescued from drowning by lifeguards present at the beach.

Police said a group of four friends had gone to the beach on Thursday evening. Two of them, identified as Mani Babu and Sarojini, ventured into the sea and were reportedly pulled deeper into the waters by strong currents. Lifeguards present at the spot immediately rushed to their rescue and managed to pull the girl to safety, but were unable to locate the youth. Police subsequently launched a search operation for him which was called off after sunset.

Both of them are learnt to be Intermediate students. Lifeguards said the duo ignored signboards erected prominently along the beach warning tourists not to venture into the water.

Police have registered a case.

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