A once-in-6,800-years opportunity: Neowise comet lends a perfectly romantic backdrop to this man’s proposal

Most people want to make their proposals that special moment that they can make a fond memory of and cherish for a lifetime, the kind of story you’ll want to inspire other romantics with for years to come. US couple, John Nicotera and Erica Pendrak went a step ahead and solidified their relationship with a celestial event that happens once in 6,800 years!

The couple, along with their photographer friend Tim Leach headed to Old Forge, New York, to see this magnificent celestial event in July this year. That’s where Nicotera, who had been looking for a way to propose to his girlfriend of two years, quickly drew up a plan to make this proposal special. John went down on one knee and asked Erica to marry him while Tim Leach captured this special memory. Talk about being at the right place, right time.

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My Modern Met reports that Nicotera had initially planned to propose to his girlfriend at Oregon’s Crater Lake, but Covid-19 outbreak foiled his plans earlier this year. As luck would have it, a once-in-6,800-years opportunity presented itself closer to home.

Nicotera is an astronomy fan and keeps himself updated about upcoming events.

“This comet won’t be back for 6,800 years, so it’s definitely more than a once-in-a-lifetime experience—it’s more like a once in 6,000 lifetimes. Once I decided and gave myself my pep talk—’Ok John you’re doing this, you can’t dilly dally, it’s going to be gone by next week’—I knew I had to do my homework,” John Nicotera told My Modern Met.

“Every single star was out… it was too special to let it go,” Nicotera told CNN.

Post this romantic proposal, Nicotera tweeted photographs saying, “Can I get a retweet for what I pulled off last night? We even saw the ISS pass by! @SpaceX @NASA @elonmusk @astro_g_dogg @Space_Station #NeowiseComet”


The story of this proposal and the pictures have since gone viral and the couple’s photographer friend also posted them on his official Instagram handle. He captioned it, “Had the opportunity to photograph one of my good friends propose to his girlfriend under Neowise. Last minute plan for a memory that will last a lifetime.”


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Even though the attention might seem daunting after a while, love is in the air, or maybe the solar system. Inspired yet?

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