Birthday in Pandemic: ‘My parents, sister made it a very special day for me’

During this lock down there were many special occasions which were cancelled. One of them was birthdays because of this corona pandemic they were not same as earlier. We faced many problems while celebrating it. On my birthday everyone was calling me to wish me.

My parents were working hard all day just to make it special. Half of the time they were in the kitchen making cake. It was the first time they have made a cake at home and it was perfect! Also, they prepared some tasty snacks like Cheese balls, French fries, etc. when it was evening I and my sister started blowing balloons just to help my parents in decoration.

We have not invited anyone but we all were doing things like we have invited many people. After a while my parents came and informed that cake, snacks & decoration finished and asked us to get ready for my birthday party. Then I video called every one and cut my cake.

Everyone sung the birthday song for me and it was a special moment for me. Then my parents gave me my gift. We danced on the speakers making dance beats. We had snacks & cake and it was very tasty. I played with my gift which was a remote-control car.

Then we burst some balloons and then it was the time for dinner. My mom made special Mughlai Paratha. Then the party was over. It was really a special birthday during lockdown.

(Daksh Giri, Class – 5, The Air Force School, Subroto Park)

‘Celebrated with my family but missed teachers, friends’

This year brought a difficult time. But along with that some good things happened. For example, those who could not give time to their family got the opportunity to spend more and more time with their family. Due to Covid-19, we cannot go out. No marriage, function or birthday parties can be celebrated outside.

So I had to celebrate my birthday at home this time. I will always remember my 2020 birthday because on this birthday, my mother made cake for me for the first time at home. My birthday was during a lockdown all over India. Well, I should not be disappointed because, because of this, my mother made a cake for me at home.

I celebrated my birthday at home with my family. I felt so glad. But I also missed my friend because I used to celebrate my birthday with her every year. I also missed my teachers and classmates because they all wished me on my birthday. I hope that the year of 2021 turns out to be auspicious for all.

(Angel, Class VI, Mayur Public School, IP Extension )

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