BTS: Kim Taehyung aka V channelises his inner Johnny Depp on day two of PTD concert in Las Vegas; fans scream ‘Insane’ – view tweets

BTS performed Permission To Dance on Stage on Las Vegas day two in Las Vegas. During the end when the BTS boys spoke to the audience Kim Taehyung revealed that he wanted to try a look like Johnny Depp. BTS V wore a dark brown leather jacket to the concert despite the Nevada heat. He said that his packing for the trip has not been very proper in terms of his clothes suiting the weather. BTS vocalist Kim Taehyung said that he tried to recreate a moment from one of Johnny Depp’s old movies. ARMYs have identified the film as Cry Baby. It has the same scene of Johnny Depp pushing back his wet slick hair.

It is no secret that BTS V loves to watch movies. In fact, he has acting aspirations. He told Rolling Stones that he might like to work in K-Dramas after the age of 30. Kim Taehyung said that he loves classics. He also recreated the lollipop scene of the Hollywood icon. This is how fans reacted on the same…

BTS V is quite creative. In Los Angeles, he turned up in the Squid Game costume and the video went viral. These moments are also a rage on social media. RM, SUGA, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope and Jin also thanked fans for the immense love and cheer during the concerts.

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