Build your skin’s health and immunity with these five simple tips

From moisturising to exfoliating, these tips will always come handy

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the first line of defense and helps protect from harmful elements, microbes and also regulates body temperature. This is why it becomes extremely important to keep the skin healthy and maintain its immunity, which can be compromised if the protective barrier is depleted.

To ensure the good bacteria on your skin continues to thrive without affecting the barrier, take a look at some simple skin care tips shared by Rajat Mathur, senior skincare expert from Kiehl’s India.

Start your skincare routine with cleansing

“Cleansing is the most integral part of your skincare routine. The first step in your skincare routine should be to carefully clean your face to remove any makeup, dirt, or excess oil. Opt for a pH-neutral, soap-free face purifier that removes contamination without stripping your skin of its natural oil,” says Mathur. To select the right face cleanser for yourself, click here.

Weekly exfoliation is a must

The skin deals with a lot of external stressors and that is why exfoliating it once a week is a must. “This helps in deep cleansing the skin and removing dirt and dead skin cells. For both oily and dry skin, it is recommended to use a mild scrub,” he suggests.

Moisturise and hydrate your skin

These two are different concepts; a good moisturiser helps in locking in the natural moisture of the skin and also keeps the cells hydrated. While hydration maintains the water levels in your skin.

Mathur says: “With summers around the corner, we tend to spend more time indoors and in AC. This leads to the skin becoming dry and devoid of moisture. Moisturising twice, in a span of 8 hours, is a must. This helps in keeping the skin hydrated and doesn’t make it look chapped and dry.” Opt for something which is lightweight, non-comedogenic or has the hydrating qualities of avocado to keep the skin’s texture at its best.

Vitamins essential for healthy skin

They play an important role in keeping your skin healthy — the use of vitamin C helps fight radical damage and works as a great anti-ageing agent for the skin. Here’s why vitamin C is good for your under eyes and the face. 

Sunscreen for protection

Whether you step out or not, sunscreen is a must. “Lather your skin with sunscreen so that it can act as a barrier and protect the skin. Don’t forget to apply it to the back of your neck and your arms as they are also susceptible to the sun,” he tells

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