Cat struggling to drink water gets help from someone. Watch beautiful video

Random acts of kindness always bring a smile to one’s face. And this video captures one such instance perfectly. It shows how a cat struggling with a water fountain received help from someone to quench its thirst. The video has won people over and will probably have the same effect on you.

Shared on Reddit with a simple caption, the video is quite heartwarming. It’s just a few seconds long, so you may end up wanting to watching it on a loop.

“Hydrating the cat,” the video has been posted with this caption. It shows a cat sprawled over a drinking fountain unable to drink the water. Soon, someone notices the cat and offers it some help. Take a look at the video below:

Since being shared some 17 hours ago, the video has already amassed more than 65,000 upvotes – and counting. It has gathered nearly 700 comments from people. While some praised the unknown Good Samaritan, others were simply happy to see the clip. In fact, people didn’t hold back while sharing their appreciative comments.

“That cat looked like it needed water pretty badly,” wrote a Redditor. To which, another individual replied, “Yeah, seems like it had noticed before that humans could make the water run, so it was waiting for someone to come by and start the stream for it. I could watch this cat drinking water all day.” Truth be told, so can we.

“Smart cat, good human. 10/10,” rated another and we completely second it. “That’s the perfect cat fountain, they should make one with a motion sensor so he can turn it on himself!” suggested an individual.

What do you think of the video?

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