Cats get bamboozled over a high-tech litter box. Watch

You may have heard the colloquial phrase, “Technology has come a long way”. This high-tech kitty litter box may be a prime example of precisely that.

Posted on Reddit on July 1, the video is almost 30 seconds long. The clip has been shared with a caption reading, “Litter box confusion”.

The recording shows two felines standing in front of an electronic litter box. The cat parent stands behind the lens, talking about the many benefits of the device. However, the kitties do not seem to notice her presence. The high-tech litter box appears to have captured their attention.

One brave feline even stands on its hind legs and tries to place a speculative paw on the machine. It takes a few tries, but after some effort, it extends its upper body into the spaceship-like device.

What will happen next? Will these cats adopt this modern technology? That only time will tell, we guess. Regardless, check out the derpy clip:

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Since being shared to the subreddit ‘animals being confused’, the post has accumulated nearly 1,000 upvotes and almost 100 comments.

Here is how Redditors reacted to the share. One person said, “I’m confused by that litter box too”. Honestly, it has sort of puzzled us too.

Another person wrote, “He doesn’t know if he is going to the toilet or outer space”. “I’d be confused if my toilet started doing barrel rolls too,” read one comment.

A Reddit user jokingly proclaimed, “Those cats are living in 2030”. Well, it would explain a lot if they were.

What are your thoughts on this high-tech kitty litter box?

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