Cat’s sudden backflip will make you appreciate its true potential. Watch

It is evident that netizens absolutely adore the four-legged furry creatures called cats. It won’t be wrong to say that the felines not only rule the Internet but dominate people’s hearts too. Maybe that is the reason videos capturing various antics of cats – from clumsy to derpy – get so much love online. Considering that, here is a video of a cat and its unexpected backflip that may simply win you over.

The video is shared with a simple and descriptive caption on Reddit. It reads, “My cat did a flip.” The less than 10 seconds long video shows exactly that.

Sit back and enjoy the video. There’s a chance it will make you chuckle hard:

Shared on September 20, the video has gathered over 70,000 upvotes and tons of happy comments. While some tried guessing the cat’s perspective, others giggled at the feline’s actions. Many simply chose to use appreciative words.

“For a brief moment, we witnessed the true potential of the creature,” wrote a Redditor. “OP’s cat needs to be on America’s Got Talent,” suggested another. Now that certainly would be an interesting watch.

“Purrfect flip. Absolutely catapulted into the air,” commented a third. “My brain is experiencing the same difficulty comprehending this as when seeing theoretical 4th dimensional shapes,” expressed a fourth.

What do you think of the video?

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