CBSE 10th boards 2020: Important preparation tips for students ahead of examination

The preparation time for Class 10th Board exam is quite strenuous for students. Around 20 lakh students are expected to take this exam, which is likely to begin by mid-February. During the preparation time, students have to deal with pressure from parents as well as peers at school.

Students should hold a firm belief that board exams are just like any other exam they have been taking during the course of their academic lives. The only difference is that these are the first nationalised exams, where they would be competing with numerous students pan India. Instead of worrying about factors that are outside their control, they can keep the focus on their goal. They can work towards improving their subject knowledge to get good grades and stave off the pressure.

Some preparation tips for CBSE Class Xth board exams that can be followed to ace the exams without the associated stress and anxiety are:

Practice solving sample papers

Procure sample papers of past years readily available in bookstores and try solving the same within stipulated time to test your knowledge base in different subjects. Moreover, you would find questions at the end of every chapter of your textbook. Prepare and write down the answers to these questions to get a better idea of the exam format and how to approach and solve questions during the actual exam.

Keep fit and be relaxed

It is really important to stay fit and healthy during the entire exam preparation time and more so just before the exams to be able to give your best shot. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day while you are preparing for the exams. You can also practice yoga and mindfulness to increase concentration and stay away from unnecessary stress. Avoid gorging on junk food as well as overeating to rule out lethargy.

Do not leave any specific topic for the end

You may find a few topics to be a bit complex and leave studying the same till the last moment. This is however counterproductive and would create a lot of pressure on you just before the exams. A better way would be to cover all topics including the ones you are not too comfortable in a couple of months before the start of the exams. You can take the help of your teachers or parents to understand the difficult topics or the topics in which you feel you are comparatively weak to be 100 percent ready before the actual exams.

Make brief notes while studying

Create brief and precise notes from textbooks, reference books and class notes while you are studying a particular topic to enhance your understanding of the same. Prepare separate notes for each subject. Make sure to highlight important formulae and headings so that you can find the same easily when you are revising the topics later on.

Create a time table

Make a time-table two or three months prior to the board exams giving enough time to every subject. Include short breaks in between long hours of study to refresh your mind. This will enable you to retain and apply information better. Allot time for playing and re-energizing yourselves as well to stay in a positive frame of mind, necessary to get good grades.


Talk to a mentor, a friend or your parent and find out more about your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to specific subject areas. Work on the topics that you are weak in to improve yourself.

Practice writing

You would have to write a lot during the actual board exam and that too at a uniform speed throughout the entire duration of the exam to complete the paper within a stipulated time. It would be a great help if you start taking practice tests within allocated time periods to assess how you fare in this domain as well.

The grades you get in your board exams would have a certain impact on your career graph. You can be calm and composed in this trying time by practicing mindfulness, listening to soothing music, or talking to a mentor. Once your mind is calm and centered, you would be able to take the board exams with full confidence and get the marks you deserve. I wish luck and encourage all of you to make whole–hearted efforts to excel in the Board exams. I urge parents not to create unnecessary pressure and support their wards during this sensitive time. All the best!!

(Author Shishir Jaipuria is Chairman, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions. Views expressed here are personal.)

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