ChatBot, SMS in 12 languages: Health ministry releases new Co-win details

The health ministry on Tuesday released a few new features of the Co-WIN application, which will be a “game-changer” for India’s vaccination drive, as the health ministry has said. Addressing a press conference, Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan explained how vaccination drive will take place and said healthcare workers won’t have to register themselves of the application as their data are being pre-populated on the application. Frontline workers, who will be vaccinated in the second phase, also do not need registration, the secretary said.

“Though this is an Indian product, it is for the world. If any country wants to use this product, we will take that up proactively,” Bhushan added. The application has already been tested during dry run and professionals have been trained to run the application.

New features of Co-WIN app

1. Aadhar cards would be used as a mode of authentication on the Co-WIN app to prevent any sort of malpractices.

2. Vaccination sessions would be automatically allocated to the beneficiary and further details will be given on when the beneficiary has to visit the vaccination centre for the next dose.

3. Details with regard to reporting and tracking of adverse events following immunisation, if any would be given.

4. SMS’s in 12 languages will be sent to guide beneficiaries and vaccinators.

5. A QR code-based vaccination certificate will be issued after all doses administered to the beneficiaries.

6. A Digilocker has been integrated for data retrieval and storing the OR code-based certificate.

7. Willing beneficiaries will be allowed to create a unique health ID and can keep the acknowledgement in the Digilocker.

8. A 24X7 helpline will be available including Information Technology (IT) professionals.

9. The app will have a chatbot with pattern recognition to help users navigate the portal.

10. Natural Language Processing in the vaccinator module for a hands-free implementation.

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