Coming soon, women cops on bikes across Kerala on Covid-19 duty

Soon, bike-borne women cops will be on Covid-19 surveillance duty across Kerala, checking in on people in quarantine centres, enforcing lockdown restrictions and punishing the violators of social distancing.

Women have been on the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the state acting as health workers, care givers, counsellors, local body members, among other roles.

Women officers on bike was introduced as an idea on an experimental basis in Thrissur, but it turned out to be one big hit. Encouraged by its success, state director general of police Loknath Behera said the service will be rolled out across the state.

“Daredevil riders have shown what women power is. They are in constant touch with people in quarantine and boost their confidence, at the same time they are tough with violators. They registered several cases in a few days. They handle the situation with care and compassion,” said the DGP, adding more such teams will be introduced in other districts also for Covid-19 management.

At least 40 women officers have been trained and 10 bullets are on the road in Thrissur carrying two persons each.

“They are doing a wonderful job. They are making frequent rounds to people in home quarantine and listen to their complaints and redress them. We have received good feedback,” said Thrissur police commissioner R Aadhithya, adding their numbers will be increased.

The Thrissur district police was the first to experiment with drones to trace lockdown violators two months back.

It is a fact that effective home quarantine, healthy social distancing and good tracing measures are behind the success story of the state.

Kerala boasts of the lowest mortality (less than one per cent) and highest recovery (out of total 4752 cases 2638 recovered) rates in the country.

The state was first to report a coronavirus case in the country, a China-returned medical student from Thrissur in January. Experts say low mortality and high recovery rates are good but it is too early to lower the guard so vigil is high in the state.

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