CPI(M) poll strategy for Tamil Nadu by September

Polit Bureau member G. Ramakrishnan says the objective is to defeat the BJP and its regional allies in the State

Driven by the “single-minded pursuit” of defeating the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls in 2019, the State committee of the CPI(M) has decided to evolve an electoral strategy in Tamil Nadu that will “maximise” the anti-BJP votes.

The party’s Polit Bureau member G. Ramakrishnan told The Hindu that the Central Committee had already asked the State units to work out a tactic and forward it to the high-command by September.

Asked whether the broad alliance in Tamil Nadu would include the DMK, as the CPI(M) is already working closely with it on issues affecting the people of the State, all Mr. Ramakrishnan would say was that the objective was to defeat the BJP and its regional allies in Tamil Nadu.

“There will not be any uniform alliance all over the country and it will vary from State to State. In Kerala it will be the Left versus the Congress and in other States the strategy will take into consideration the local political conditions,” he said.

‘All democratic rights have been taken away’

Mr. Ramakrishnan, who attended the party’s State committee meeting on July 10 and 11, said an undeclared emergency prevailed in the State after the protests in support of Jallikattu and the anti-Sterlite agitations.

“In Chennai, the police is not granting permission even to hold hall meetings and marriage halls have been asked not to allow political parties to organise meetings. No anti-government demonstrations are allowed and all the democratic rights have been taken away,” he said.

Reiterating that the Chennai-Salem Green corridor was unnecessary since three highways were already linking the two places, he said the situation had come to such a pass that not only protestors, but even those who mobilise support through social media were also arrested.

He said demonetisation and GST had wrecked havoc on the industry, particularly small- scale industry, and the government itself had announced that 50,000 small units had been closed, rendering 5 lakh workers jobless.

“Engineering units are also facing the same crisis. Unemployment is growing and the economy is in a bad shape,” he alleged.

Proposed Lokayukta a ‘toothless tiger’

Mr. Ramakrishnan charged that the AIADMK government remained indifferent to education and it was planning to close more than 800 schools, though it was not mentioned in the policy note of the education department submitted in the Assembly.

He said when it came to constituting the Lokayukta, Tamil Nadu was only following the BJP government’s attitude towards the Lok Pal.

“Even after four years, members were not nominated for the Lok Pal. In Tamil Nadu the Lokayukta proposed to be constituted by the government is a toothless tiger. The provision to impose fines on anyone filing a wrong complaint is actually a strategy to dissuade people from approaching the Lokayukta,” he said, adding that the State committee would organise street-corner meetings in 1000 places against the State government and the Centre in August.

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