Curd meets Maggi: Unusual combo prompts tweeple to share mixed reactions

When it comes to experimentation with different food dishes, 2020 has seen quite a few unique concepts. While we saw the more celebrated Dalgona Coffee and cloud bread, there were also dishes like Chocolate samosa pav to red sauce pasta dosa that evoked questions and harsh reactions. Well, here’s another unique food combination that’s collecting a ton of reactions and it involves mostly everyone’s favourite Maggi.

A Twitter user posted an image of how she likes her Maggi – with a portion of curd mixed in it. This unlikely combo has prompted a whole lot of reactions on Twitter.

“Maggi and curd is food for the soul,” she tweeted along with the picture of the dish.

The comments section of this Maggi with curd combination tweet is flooded with reactions. While there are a few who seem interested to know what this combo tastes like and some even saying they’ll give it a try, many are sharing sarcastic and hilarious memes to show their reactions.

“I love both, but separately…far far away from each other,” shared an individual. “I have never tried this! Is it good?” asked another. To this, the Twitter user who posted the combo replied, “Curd goes with everything and makes anything edible”.

What do you think about Maggi with curd? Would you give it a try?

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